Today I am talking on very crucial topic related to Web Hosting. Although it is perhaps only related to Pakistan , but the scenario is almost same in all south Asian countries. These days hundreds of web hosting companies working in Pakistan with different brands.

First of all I would like to tell you they announce lot of unbelievable packages and offers to innocent client to attract them, which include free Domain Names, unlimited disk space, Unlimited email accounts and many more. But reality behind these clever offers are totally different. They basically announce unlimited web hosting for a client with free domain in Pakistan, client suddenly attract to package and rush to company to buy, but in reality a company who is offering unlimited disk space , he is actually restricting to client in sub domains, ad-dons, MySQL databases, parking domains. I personally shocked how they cheat to client by offering unlimited web hosting but infect they put lot of restriction on client, but infect client do not know the cleverness of web hosting company.

Another factor of a company providing free domain name, its very funny for the person who is webmaster and often buying domain and hosting. Because infect Service providers already added domain price but they still insisting they providing free domain, is not that funny.

Lets talk about their Web server conditions, 99% of web hosting companies having poorly configured web server , having often down time , often under hackers attaks, often data loss. And In mean while when server having critical trouble and clients trying to reach Customer support of respective service provider, Support team having same stereo type lame excuses because support teams already knows client having limited knowledge and will easily satisfied, even in case of dataloss of his or her website.

Website of any webmaster or web owner is very precious for him or her. Because they work hard to get notice on internet, SEO Matters, Web management cost, Web development cost, Web Hosting cost, Domain Registration Price, but majority of Pakistani web hosting companies don’t care about that. They just need maximum number of web hosting client so they can maximize their profit margin. I surprisingly feel web service providers attitude change suddenly when any client pay , I think , service provider consider that game is over, but this should not be like this, I request to those so called professionals who claim that they are top and number one hosting provider in Pakistan please change your mind and respect your client and deliver them what you promise and they expect, otherwise time will come , they will delete you from their mind and you will not more exist.

My Name is Atif Silal , I am the only IT professional since 1999 in Web Hosting industry in Pakistan and having decade experience in Web Hosting Technical support, and Providing Real Web Hosting in Pakistan.Domain Registration in Pakistan. I have set a record of 100 % Uptime of my Servers since October 2012 till June 2013.